40. In the same boat (maybe a different part of it)

It was only days later that Benny had occasion to recall the intention to apply the preferred attitude he’d identified on the day of the wallpapers. But this time it wasn’t in reaction to his being pushed around by any external hassles.

“It’s funny how you can just wake up and find yourself generally in a bit of a grey mood — not depressed or in a full-blown misery really; just a fit of the all-around blahs, or maybe it’s a case of multiple-meh.”

Whatever the cause of such a malaise however (and from the quips, Benny obviously didn’t sound like he was in that bad of a place mentally), the cure was the same. And, it would seem, would be the same as well were the perceived obstacles he faced coming from somewhere out there. The heartening thing was his recognising that bringing himself back from any struggles he might find himself entangled in, or feeling stuck or under pressure, can be approached simply through one intention.

The aspiration I’ll aim to encourage him to adopt should be to make that his underlying bottom-line position. He can get back on focus just from remembering that he has lost focus — in a way, taking on a habit that also doubles as a signal to lighten up, and not take it all so seriously. So even just today’s recollection hit the right note. And as if to underline the proof, the next job on hand was to put away a pile of newly washed and dried clothes — a task our Benny would normally put off for as long as possible, and even after that, tackle reluctantly — “but this isn’t so bad,” he thought, “once you just make a start”.

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