Benny’s Witness

by Steve Burnham

(A synopsis)

(The slogans)

The chapters

Chapter 1
Four tiny bits of gravel
Chapter 21
At least there’s progress, I’ll give you that
Chapter 41
Two bookends, to hold each day’s stories together
Chapter 2
A provisional reality
Chapter 22
Inattention the best reminder for attentiveness
Chapter 42
It might be that extremes are never helpful
Chapter 3
Rain and an early inkling
Chapter 23
Have you noticed things come in threes?
Chapter 43
Stop laughing, this is serious
Chapter 4
A grip, after an untethering
Chapter 24
Spot-on doesn’t need a spotlight
Chapter 44
Magic tricks have three parts
Chapter 5
Nothing going on, but no vacuity
Chapter 25
Don’t point; you might have a dirty fingernail
Chapter 45
At least three legs to not fall over
Chapter 6
Functioning well, while knowing better
Chapter 26
How to win a handrail race
Chapter 46
Antennas up – find it – use it
Chapter 7
Prompts that lead to counterintuition
Chapter 27
Those special weak spots
Chapter 47
Do and say and think, all together
Chapter 8
Not as we assumed, and attitudinal tweaking
Chapter 28
On the top of a fence
Chapter 48
Unfillable bag of tricks
Chapter 9
Silent thoughts can also make an echo
Chapter 29
There’s such a thing as too many berries
Chapter 49
It’s the irksome parts that need early attention
Chapter 10
Look after the pennys
Chapter 30
Declining to be swept along
Chapter 50
That’s nothing to worry about
Chapter 11
Forget the mistake. Remember the lesson
Chapter 31
Do you really need that prop?
Chapter 51
The real lessons begin when you start pushing buttons
Chapter 12
Instead, let’s unwind that tension
Chapter 32
Unpalatable cold dish
Chapter 52
Reprioritising is rarely done on whimsy
Chapter 13
Comfort zones are over-rated
Chapter 33
Do me a favour? Don’t do me a favour!
Chapter 53
Conquering hesitation rock
Chapter 14
Thoughts. Friend or foe?
Chapter 34
I stayed on the bus
Chapter 54
Make an effort, not an excuse
Chapter 15
Note to self
Chapter 35
If you charge ahead, where’s the joy of expectation?
Chapter 55
In the dark undergrowth
Chapter 16
It might be shit, but you can also call it manure
Chapter 36
Pride in having given up his pride
Chapter 56
Music for the pity party
Chapter 17
Better pull out the stops
Chapter 37
It’s a step forward, stupid, not a credential for specialness
Chapter 57
What other-side-of-the-fence?
Chapter 18
Above the din of doings
Chapter 38
There are better ways to feel good about yourself
Chapter 58
Stop splashing around in the shallow end
Chapter 19
An authenticity of outcomes
Chapter 39
That tea-in-hand attitude
Chapter 59
“Look what I can do”
Chapter 20
An explainer from an awkward molar
Chapter 40
In the same boat (maybe a different part of it)
Chapter 60

The slogans