21. At least there’s progress, I’ll give you that

That Benny is right of course. And he’s right to feel good about having that honest voice going on. I was sure he didn’t pay attention all the time, so it’s also good that he realises this. It shows progress.

There’s a lot to be cheerful about actually, and one of the foremost reasons is that progress. It feels like Benny is getting closer, and coming to the realisation that there is a definite point to all this. He had come to see that everything has potential to add to the mix, even seemingly negative situations — sort of like that girl who tripped and fell at the roadside, or the runaway shopping trolley, or even the spoon-in-the-sink soaking. At least some conclusion of sorts could be gleaned out of these situations, or even just provide something to add to the table.

At least something was being achieved, and Benny felt that this aspect at least should be viewed as something he could be happy about — that he had some hope of maintaining an engaged attitude no matter what. And this little bit of sunshine was, in fact, something I knew could become a permanent happier attitude.

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