41. Two bookends, to hold each day’s stories together

Some mornings, Benny would slowly wake up and not be sure if the dreaming world had ended or not, even if he hadn’t been dreaming — although he only used those words for the occasional bleary just-woken-up moments because he couldn’t be sure that he wasn’t coming out of a dream of sorts, even if he couldn’t remember it. Mainly the association he’d have with dreams on these occasions was because there’d be a lingering idea on his mind, like something he thought he should remember, before his eyes got a glimpse of the morning light and the daily distractions took over.

True, the lingering resonance he may have picked up on was probably one of my whispers, and those subtle inner signals were certainly meant to be something he should remember, so it seemed Benny was getting the idea. Ideally he should have taken a minute or so, just to dwell a little with whatever was there for him to take into the new day. Just one little reminder, first thing in the morning, could set him up for a better daily outcome — certainly before another one of those ‘to do’ lists starts to form in his mind, which can absorb so much concentration.

The important thing would be perspective. Not to change anything about the day-to-day that comes along each morning, but before driving off into the looming day ahead, to adjust the mirrors, as it were, so that they’re not always reflecting square back into his own face — to just re-set the angle of overview and take in a wider field of vision.

Likewise later on, at the end of one of his days, a whisper may go up, just a tiny secondary intuition that Benny can pick up on as a passing thought, to look over the day just gone and see where his energy was spent. What Benny would hopefully be hearing, subtly, is not to find fault or blame, but just to step back, to review, and see if the morning’s moment of perspective stuck in any way, any small way. Hopefully, at the end of the day, he’d see what reminded him of the wider overview, and what may have caused him to forget.

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