31. Do you really need that prop?

I’ll tell you about a little fact that has become obvious in here, and that’s how Benny frequently seems to pick up on tiny inner secondary intuitions, however vaguely resonant these may be with what he’ll be dealing with outwardly. And if this is the case he’ll either openly run with them as his own inspirations or put them aside as his own passing thought to come back to later. One case in point was the aggravating co-worker mentioned above.

It would have been easy for Benny to react to this guy, and have something to say about his grating ways or in answer to the attitude. That would have been Benny’s fall-to reaction were it not for a certain ‘undercurrent’ feeling he had that it was better to not do that. And I’m glad he picked up on this. Putting someone down or otherwise maligning them, even if they had kicked-off the bout of aggressiveness, rarely goes towards having any influence on seeing the negativity disappear — and I think he realised this, along with the other side to the same coin… that much of the time, if someone gossips about or disparages someone else it is done so that the critic, that is themselves, can be imagined in a better light.

His knack of picking up on the subtle inner signals had also become a little more reliable lately, which can only be a good thing.

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